Lyme autoantigen paper screenshot.png

Lyme Disease

2018 paper highlighting the discovery of a new autoantigen for persistent Lyme disease symptoms

Lyme disease IgM antibody paper screenshot.png

Lyme Disease

2018 paper demonstrating increased sensitivity and specificity in serological diagnosis for Lyme disease

Powassan tick saliva paper screenshot.png

Powassan Virus

2015 study showing that tick saliva enhances disease transmission when low doses of Powassan virus are present in mice

Lone star ticks red meat allergy news screenshot.png

Lone Star Ticks

2018 NPR article showing red meat allergies can be caused by the bite of a lone star tick

Lyme genetically modified mice article screenshot.png

Playing God?

2016 NPR article discussing the use of genetically engineered Lyme-resistant mice as a way to control Lyme disease

Lyme Wars article screenshot.png

The Lyme Wars

Informative article published in the New Yorker in 2013

Lyme arthritis June 2019 NBC news article screenshot.png

Lyme Disease

Recent news article from NBC discussing this June 2019 paper about the role of peptidoglycan in Lyme arthritis.